Zintle Mthamo: “Squeezing our lives in a suitcase and come here was the best thing ever.”


Viki Heck: “Learning each other’s history made a difference.”


Steffi Höcherl: “You showed me what a teacher can do. It is not about grammar, it is about what you do here.”


Sophie Hoderlein: “If we want to change something we have to do the first step”


Sikelewa Vuyeleni: “If you don’t put yourself to broaden your horizon no miracle is going to happen.”


Sandra Lipus: “Wir sind die ‘generation of tomorrow’ – wenn jemand etwas ändern kann, dann wir.“


Samuel Heilein: ”It showed me how important it is to meet people open minded and with respect”


Pumeza Talapile: “You cannot just accept whatever is given to you!” “There was no judgement, you could be whatever you wanted to be!”


Nekita Hills: “I have grown as a person!”


Maggi Kellermann: “Seeing my life through your eyes made me appreciate all that I have!”


Lisa Kauck: “I think you can live with a positive attitude.” “Be positive and see the things that you can be thankful for” “The different cultures and traditions didn’t matter”


Linda Holzinger: “It was important to have one common passion.”


Julia Höll: “You inspired me to do what you love. You have to work for what you want, don’t care what the others say.”


Judith Wedemeyer: “We didn’t focus on ‘There are new people and we have to get to know them’ – it just came automatically” “We reached a lot of people – that made the exchange special for me.”


Joy Damons: “I want to discover new things”


Jonathan Specht: “We can learn a lot from the South Africans”


Jacina Januarie: “I am going to care more about my planet, because I love it more than ever!”


David Natzkin: “I am really thankful that I could be part of it!”


Danilo Pejakovic: “This opened my eye in a way I didn’t experience before.”


Chrissi Hetz: “Thoughts can change a lot, I think.”


Chelsea Matheus: “Our enthusiasm and our hard working skills made this project successful.”


Chanté Plaatjies: “We learned from the Germans and the Germans learned from us.”


Michael Blum: “We are close to you. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!” “Your greatest gift was that you trusted in us. Thank you!”

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