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Eight pupils from Eerstriver, an underprivileged suburb of Kapstadt, South Africa –

all of them will be doing their A-Levels in Drama fairly soon.

They were showing differences and similarities between them and Germans together with ex pupils from “Carl-Orff-Gymnasium“ whilst showing their clothes, hair and telling different stories  of their lives:




At the beginning of July eight South African drama students started practicing with students of our school. In the end there were two performances on the 10th and 11th of July, one in the JBS and one in the village hall.

In order to prepare and interest the German pupils for the exchange, they had an exhausting dance workshop with Antonio Bukhar from Zimbabwe. In the evening we watched the impressing dance show twenty.fifteen.

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Visit from eight South African students, members of Eersterivier Secondary School

This visit of the eight pupils from Eestriver Secondary School was one of the best of six years of partnership.

15 ex-students from our school were living and working together with the South Africans and their three teachers of Africaans, History and Drama in the JBS in Oberschleissheim:

Apart from showing Bavarian culture and the life in Munich (visiting BMW, Siemens, the state chancellery and the theatre “Schauburg”, visiting Passau and the former concentration camp in Dachau), a lot of effort was put into a good theatre performance.

The play named “UNCUT” showed the different meanings of clothes and hairstyles in both cultures and the amazing friendship between very different types of people. The South Africans also showed us scenes for their preparation for their A-levels in Drama with their teacher Jill Markram.

We finally performed our play on 10 July 2015, at 8 pm in the village hall in Unterschleissheim in front of about 500 people with the support of the amazing “Petrols” . The second performance was on the following Sunday at 8 pm in the JBS in Oberschleissheim.

We would be grateful if you told people about our exchange and performance.

Attached you will find the program of our exchange and a short​ „summary“.






Diary Performance Evaluation







Ganz herzlich danken wir unseren Sponsoren, ohne die das Projekt nicht möglich gewesen wäre.

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