Performing in Munich

After three days of rehearsing, we had our first performance at the Volkstheater on Wednesday. All of us were very excited and a little nervous, when we saw the stage and were performing. It is such an honour to perform on a stage like this! When we were doing the dress rehearsal, we knew it was going to work. The stage was simply perfect. The light and the sound were very good and all of us were motivated. When we started playing at 11:00 am it felt so good –  you cannot explain. There were 100 pupils and all of them were watching the whole time. Everyone was impressed and the applause didn’t want to stop. It was the best premiere I could imagine.

But the day wasn’t over! At 6 pm  – after Germany had lost their last world cup game – we went to Haimhausen were our second performance took place. When we arrived, everyone was a little shocked, because the stage was way smaller than we expected. After a few seconds we decided not to use only the stage, but also in the rest of the room. So we started rehearsing and an hour later at 7:0 0pm we performed again. It was a great experience to use the space that was given and to adapt our performance so that it fit to the stage. We had a great audience again. Seeing people feeling with the situations we were playing on the stage was just awesome.

After that it was time to get home to get a bit sleep for the second performance in the Volkstheater. Even though we already played on this stage it felt completely new after performing in Haimhausen. But again, we had a perfect audience and everything went smoothly.

After these three performances we needed a little break, so we had a family weekend. Then we went to Berlin to perform there again. When we came back on Wednesday night we already started preparing for the next performance at the Josef-Effner-Gymnasium in Dachau. Usually, playing at schools is a little weird, because less people are interested in watching you than at an evening performance but this time it was really cool. After performing outside it was a little difficult to play inside again but it went well the young people in the audience were fascinated and impressed. Students who could have gone home after the play, stayed to talk to us, asked questions and said nice things.

After that performance we knew, that there was just one performance left. The performance in the Gleis1 in Unterschleißheim – the stage where we perform most pieces we play. Right before the performance started it was the first time I was pretty nervous. It was actually the first time I realised what was going on. Three years ago I was sitting in the audience looking up to the older players and thought how cool it would be to have such an exchange one day. And now we were standing there and were performing. And again it was beautiful. It was my favourite performance with the best audience I could imagine.

Thanks to all the people who have made this possible.

Written by Miriam Uhl

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